Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No More Dream

Well ...nothing can i said and write here. Just a little
Everything was changed, 
I think when he come back in my life again 
I can be strong and get my dream comes true
But Nothing.....NOTHING!
Your SMS..." I'm Sorry, I hope after this, u don't find and see me again!"
Damn It!!!
That's the easy words that u can say to me?
After you go and comes again...
This the words u tell me?

I dream too much...TOO MUCH
Hopes that we continued our dream.. But i..... Worse!!
I don't wanna says whose right and wrong..
Sometimes me and sometimes u But sometime not us

Today i realize that what should i do and think after this 
This is time for me to wake up from a dream 
And stand for the reality.. no more dream... NO MORE!!!!!

I know difficult for me to throw away our memories..
But i will try it.. Or i just keep it from the bottom of my heart..
You know.. There is a Grave for you inside my heart..

As what u said..
I'm Not the only one Girls in this world
Yes... It's True
For me 
You're not the only one Man in this world too..
But You're the only one that make me think..

I'm quite emotional here 
But i know what i do and what i said
Even you don't read this entry..
I hope someday you will read it

broke my heart again.. again n again until no more after this No More!!

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