Friday, July 30, 2010

Great Moment

In the great moment that I meet him
I think he could give me some space to make me breath
To make me feel happy and cherish my life

He always there when I sad
When I face problem
When I’m crying
He makes me happy
He gives me some inspiration when I have no idea
He create my mood when I’m down
He makes me smile when I couldn’t smile

We are very happy
Enjoy our life without any problems
We spend time together even it was short
We share our problem, even it different
We share our happiness, even it little
We share everything, even not all
We be together even a minute
We walk around even it was dark

Holds my arm, look into my eyes
Your deep eyes, there is some destiny
The hopes and I understand
We couldn’t be together
Because we are different
And I know if there is a given space for us
We can create a great memory
That we can't forget it forever

ps: so long didn't wrote anything in english, maybe some problems with my grammar.. so.. faham2 jer lah he..he..


Fakhrur Razi berkata said...

hahaha nothing wrong with ur grammar
hebak btol bhse omputih xD

Aleeya said...

waaa sweet :))

annfrendly said...

bestla puisi ni..
pandainya mengarang :)
kalau ann.. tak retilah...

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