Friday, June 18, 2010


Don't know what to say today... 
So long i didn't update my blog.. 
Don't post any entry... 

Too stress with all this kind of problem.. feeling and so on
Hard to describe.. had to explain... Difficult to understand.

Try to be normal.. and forgot everything
But.. i can't do it..
Event i have made a choice but my heart still with you

Event i know.. we cant be together... Not can't but hard..
But there still have some hope..
Hope that i really pretend it.

I wont hurt anyone.. and i wont hurt you..
I know what your feeling now.. 
It same with me..

I hope you still can wait me..
Please.. we still have time to changed everything
There's still have ways for us..
To be like before..
Happy with our life 

" Even we are different... Even we can't be like before.. 
Even i was not there.. Even our love can't get it destiny... 
Whatever people said about us... about you.... about me... 
it wont changed.... Unless Allah do it for us"

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