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Friday, April 30, 2010

When I'm Alone

Note: Maybe there is some mistake with the grammar. But i try to use English..He..he..If wrong i'm sorry.. Practice make perfect

 When i'm alone... here.. without anybody... inside, behind, front, beside... I just sit on my bed.. looking around... And i know... I'm alone.. I know i'm not alone coz Gods always with me. But i feel lonely. lonely without person that i love... friends that i needs, family... my cute cats...

Then.. i started to think. What would be if i'm really alone? What would be if i don't have friends. What would be if i loss my beloved friends? What will happen to me if i loss my beloved one? What and what and what.. That why people said " don't stay alone ... you will start thinking some kind stupid question on your mind. Then you will feel upset"

My feet says... where should i go when there is no place for me here? What should i do without guidance? If this place save for me? Which road should i take? Which place should i stay?  Then.. No unswer...

My arms start to says.... Who will holding my arms.. Get me to save place.. who will take care of me.. raise my hand.. realize there's nobody here.

My eyes start to says.. I don't see anyone here... Where are there? I am alone here.. Then i'm crying... crying.. crying..

My ears said.. I didn't here any voice here? No body here.. But i heard one voice... But the voice comes from insides.. Who?

Heart laughing..... i'm talking here.. when nobodies here.. i'm talk alone.. But nobody know what i said. Nobody hear... I just wanna says.. i feel lonely.. Lonely with friends. i want somebody beside me.. holding me, caring me, understand me.. Anyone knows? If yes please come...Please... Please..

No ringing from my phone... No words appear on my YM.. No one talk with me.. Than i heard someone knock my door.. I wake up and open the door... oh... i thought i was lone.... but i still have friends... Thanks..

Actually we are not alone... we have one... Allah.swt..


Nur Hawa Mohd Zin said...

u are not alone as long as u have ur famly beside u forever ( wakakak..omputeh ku berterabur..asal paham sudah )

Ms. Ann said...

he..he... betul2.. asal paham.. omputihpun sama gak kan betul pun ..he..he...

Nur Hawa Mohd Zin said...

so...pasni kite ckp je apa yg kite rasa org faham..hahah

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