Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Without Facebook

Two days already.. i didn't open my page.
Here is my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/norain.mohamad

I'm not hypocrite to says that i don't want to open my page. But i have something to do with my job. When i have FB, i always open my page and sees my friends latest news and write some comments on my friends wall.

Just one day left.. So on thursday i can open my page.. really miss it.
But i know someone wrote in my wall and says.." ha...bestnyer main fb"
Yes Najib.. i knew it.... i can see lah...

Now i know... Facebook.. important to me... Not addicted but need it. WHY?


Ha..ha.. I love game in facebook
Especially PETVILLE and ZOO WORLD..
Previously i played FISHVILLE AND FARMVILLE..
But this two game need daily updates.. So i can't update it everydays..
So i just stopped to play that game and just concentrate on two games only..

I can't wait... to see my pets and zoo...
Really can't wait...

True expression from deep inside my heart and feeling

(Hiks... Out of grammar... quite long didn't write in english.. lots of mistakes)

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